Whatever the reason is that you and I have connected, I am so grateful that you have made it this far.

When your energy aligns with the frequency of another the alignment can be magical. Feel into your body if it’s a small yes or a big yes. Lean into that feeling. Innerstand if it’s a no, not from a place of scarcity, but of a body no, embody that feeling.


Working with someone is intimate, it’s co-creation of heaven on earth while falling in love with the pieces of darkness we encounter. It’s complex. It’s a paradox.


It’s sitting in space and coming into divine union with yourself, with your many selves in all dimensions, iterations, all versions of you and your unique and inherent wisdom.

You are not broken, you never were. Trauma happened throughout the childhood stage and the journey through that is the stepping stone into your magic.


If you are interested in learning more about the work I do I would love to chat with you… let’s build together.