How many times did I say no as a child and was completely disregarded for my boundaries?
How many times do I say ”No” and feel it to my core but I do it anyways?
How many more times will it take?
I remember taking a short cut home from school in seventh grade. It was through the woods and by a lake in Dartmouth, a path I’d walked a million times, but with friends. I remember the old blue car and five or six teenage boys sitting around it, on it, and in it. The smoke clouds were heavy over their braided heads. The asked me if I wanted a ride. I didn’t say anything and kept walking. Then then they circled the dirt parking lot doing circles around mr asking me if I wanted a ride, whistling, hissing… I will NEVER forget that feeling inside me of sheer panic. I said “No.“ The laughed and came closer. I ran. I ran and I ran out into the busy community street looking for someone… anyone. I never looked back and they never followed.
How many times have you been in a situation and tried to implement your boundaries and they were ignored? How many layers of safety did that strip away from you? How did you build those layers back? I think I am still trying sometimes to be honest….
I have been told No by many and felt I had to listen. Where does that come from? Fear? Insecurity? I think in the last ten years I have become more comfortable with my no. I have established sanctuary in my No and I no longer feel guilty or scared; I get empowered.
I want these little girls who live in this crazy world to be so aware of their boundaries with everyone and everything that may make them feel unsafe or scared; family, friends, whoever. I never want them to feel like they can’t say no. I do know they have an AMAZING support system of women that will raise them into their vibration and into their magic, but most important a tribe of women, a family of women that will teach them endless boundaries and I am so so grateful for that. From moms, to aunties, to grandmas of all cultures it’s amazing to see the strength they have behind them.
so for tonight I am going to be kind to myself in knowing that my “no” is safe, it’s “sacred” and I will continue to use my voice…
I love you.
Silas Rises

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Aloha from Hawaii. Today I am in Hawaii, tomorrow I am in Canada. I would love to share my expansion from the 3D life I lived, dormant for decades to where I am today; always a student...always ascending. I lived a life as a teacher, social worker, law student to a lightwkrker, cosmic healer, intuitive energy worker and business owner. I have a tribe of star seeds and a life of magic to support their growth in the new world. Thank you for being here beauties, I look forward to this journey together. I love you.

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