It was after my cousin passed away that I would often find myself “hearing him” while I was cooking in the kitchen. I was about 25 years old (lets go back to 2013-2014) when I really started communicating with spirit. I thought I was going crazy or I would be saying what I “THOUGHT” he would be saying back to me if he were still alive.. make sense? I didn’t read too much into it until I went to see a beautiful woman to read my tea leaves. As I walked up the starts into the smells of patchouli and sweetgrass that she said “you are so psychic and there is a young man here who wants to chat”. I knew it was him…and well he knew I knew. She told me he had a strong accent (Newfie obviously) and had a rum & coke in his hand. He was laughing about Nan and all of the troubles we put her through, especially the last time we were together. Him, Tammy and I went out to a bar in St. John’s and they snuck me in as I was only 18 years old. I was dancing on the speaker like the wild child gypsy I was, no shoes on, hair swinging and he pulled me off and said “we are going home”. She talked to me like he was sitting next to me and that’s when I knew I was really connecting with him the whole time.
To this day I connect with him, it’s not something I shared with my family much as I knew how much pain his young life lost had caused our entire family and how much grief; but the resonance in knowing I could still be in connection with him allowed my grief to linger a bit lighter.
Lester and my Nan were really the only two people I channeled until four weeks ago (other then in dreams). Again this whole yoga trip I have embarked on was a message from my guides. I loved yoga for fitness but the Akashic Records opened and they chanted yoga..so here I am. The day I started to do yoga is the day the rest of my channeling gifts opened. I already meditated, worked with the angels, sound healing, crystals, essential oils, incense and journaling…so yoga was the missing piece to my gifts.
As I sat in meditation shortly after I started my daily yoga practice and I channeled my first past life Celeste. She was so clear to me. Her long blond hair, fair skin, blue-green eyes. Celeste was very similar to who I am today, probably the life I most resonate with in present. She was alive in the late 1600’s- a healer, a medicine woman, a magic worker…and in those days best known as “a witch”. She hung herself when they were burning and hanging witches- she didn’t want the young children she worked with to see her persecuted for the amazing things she was teaching them, hence not wanting them to fear their own magic. She took one for the team… as I would for my children today. It’s interesting enough because as a young girl, living in Nova Scotia I often envisioned myself hanging… it wasn’t that I wanted to die…. it was “a feeling”, I could never explain it nor talk about it because if I did as anyone back then, we’d end up in therapy or diagnosed as bi-polar or some other crazy non existent “diseases” that “man” made up. I have also connected with the many other lives my spirit inhabited …all women…who all died at the hands of man and power.
Over the years it’s been a constant vision and as scary as that was…only now, do I know.. that I am breaking the chain; this will never happen to me in my physical body. Celeste was an angel, she is an angel, she was wild and free and loving and caring. She loved to dance by the fire as it crackled at dusk and was up in the morning making medicines for the villagers… these women..these sisters that worked int he same Christ Consciousness as Jesus… they died like he did and they resurrected like he did… in many of today’s bodies. Look around…do you see the sisterhood coming alive? rising like the phoenix?
After I channeled this past life I had another encounter that I won’t go into explicitly because it was a spirit from someone else. They had a child who passed many many years ago and as this person spoke of this child a vision of a soccer ball came to me, I didn’t understand why. But it was about soccer, they wanted me to tell their mom they will be there.. again I couldn’t put a finger on it and thought I was having a crazy moment when all of a sudden this beautiful mama started talking about her sons and soccer games and soccer tryouts and it was kind of like “see I told you to tell her, I will be there watching tonight, I am always with her”.. and then he told me about a little teddy bear that she has at home, she hugs it sometimes and he loves that, he told me when she hugs it he hugs her right back; again .. that was one of my first clear channeling experiences so I was too scared to bring it up and now I have learned that when I don’t close my container or vessel that this will happen all the time and unless the person is asking for this connection sometimes it won’t be appropriate for me to share, but just to witness. I look at this like the ethics of channeling lol… you have to know when and where, you have to check ID’s of spirit (thank you Krista.. my spiritual mentor and coach..she said always ask for ID).
When I was in an environment again where my channels were open because I just did a yoga practice and the energy centres were wide and clear a little old lady came to me. She wasn’t Canadian and she loved eccentric hats. She was short and had an accent; there were 10 women in the room and she kept telling me to tell someone to stop thinking “about that boy he’s not worth her time” I could only laugh because she was so adorable ..but again I couldn’t share because it wasn’t warranted nor invited and heck I still wasn’t sure what was happening.
Fast forward a couple of weeks and a personal an every endearing spirit came to me during my first tea ceremony. Someone who I have so much love and respect for. Someone that was stolen from me my entire life due to family secrets and gossip, someone who deserved to know me and love me. Someone whose entire family missed out on knowing me.. and all I can say.. is I am so so grateful to connect with him and the rest of my family because I know this is where a lot of my powers come from, his mother and his mother’s mother from England….
All in all I can sit with someone now and have learned to open my container and welcome the guardianship, Angels, benevolent beings, my galactic family, ancestors and spirit guides I welcome God and Mother and Father Archetype and then I allow the messages to receive.
I sat with a sister friend one day and our grandparents came to connect over tea- it was surreal and beautiful and full of comfort.
I sat with another sister friend one day and a baby that had passed before she was born arrived. She was older now, of a mixed race and beautiful and strong. She wanted my friend to know it was her spirits choice to leave at that time and she is still with her every single day. A grandfather came through with such a strong smell of tobacco and a vibe of Catholicism to share with her, he loves her and wants her to be strong…like her Dad.
A past grandparent to my ex-husband came through- and I feel them clear as day talking about Gold and Musical Instruments, call me crazy but I bet he will find a piece of gold hidden one day… his grandfather unknowingly to me worked in a Gold mine…
…now onto the not so fun side of channeling…with the light…must come dark.
… I went to a theta/reiki healing session here in town with this BEAUTIFUL English Healer…because I felt a denseness in my root chakra. I felt pain on my left side and I just felt like I was failing in motherhood for a moment.. why? No idea..but I needed a clearing. During this session I felt like I was being buried alive, I couldn’t breathe. Visions of a young girl in a residential home came flooding into me, I felt my spirit rise half way out of my body twice during this session… and all I knew is …I couldn’t breathe. A one eyed brown owl came to her…and has since come to me in my cards.. he placed a red garnet in my root chakra.. and here is where I need the most work. In this 60 minutes, my eyes open to a child hood experience I would never wish upon anyone but one I knew happened for about 5 years now because I “felt” it. Since then, the time, place, person and everything came flooding back. The shock of the experience jilted my body and the healer said, ever since you were small your body has been “shocked” over and over and over again- hello nervous system issues. Our childhood experiences, our past life experiences….ALL of our experiences shape the way our bodies, energies, environments, frequencies etc work today…and only when we put in the work of clearing all of the old dense frequencies can we make room for the new. She told me to get oil of rosemary for protection, but I didn’t resonate with that..however off I went and ordered some (and am still awaiting it’s arrival)
After this experience where it was oh so clear to me that there was a dark frequency attached to me or trying to feed off of my light.. I woke up around 2 am and couldn’t breathe…literally I was being smothered. It was like someone was sucking the air out of me, silencing me. My husband woke up, smacking me on my back and I couldn’t do anything. My body, shocked again, released and I thought I was going to die.. then a big swoosh like gasp of air was able to enter my airways and there it was … I could breathe.
I cannot fathom how important it is to open and close channels and vessels when you are working in energy spaces and the quantum fields. The importance of protection and prayer. I have heard many a times, as more and more humans awaken to the fact that we are very powerful beings of energy that the dark will attack.. they do not want us to “wake up”. They do not want the millions of light workers that have been held deep and dark in a 3D energy field to recognize their powers. I am forever a student and forever a frequency.
I am blessed to have these gifts that I feel everyone has. In these times of pure question about what is happening in the “real world” here I am living in my own world with others from other worlds..call me crazy I call it beautiful…..
I love you…
Silas Rises

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Aloha from Hawaii. Today I am in Hawaii, tomorrow I am in Canada. I would love to share my expansion from the 3D life I lived, dormant for decades to where I am today; always a student...always ascending. I lived a life as a teacher, social worker, law student to a lightwkrker, cosmic healer, intuitive energy worker and business owner. I have a tribe of star seeds and a life of magic to support their growth in the new world. Thank you for being here beauties, I look forward to this journey together. I love you.

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