It wasn’t until 2020 when I had ALL of this time on my hands that I really started to play with the internals of “life”. How my blood felt as it pulsed through my veins, how my mind felt in the morning after a class of lemon water and cacao or Dandelion Root opposed to an Americano. I LOVED coffee. It was definitely the first thing I had in the morning and when I was working as a teacher or heading to my office when I worked with children in care, I drank 2-3. Coffee was life…and then I started making my own morning elixir. MIND.BLOWN.


At first I thought, hey I will replace my afternoon coffee with my warm, nutty elixir that brought me to Bali, sinking my toes in the sand and listening to the waves. Then I started replacing my morning coffee with this drink. My vision (third eye) became clearer. I am able to notice activations and downloads much more prominently. What do I mean by that? I mean I notice the symbols in my minds eye, I hear the vision, the voices, the prayers of my ascended masters. I am listening to the inner guidance of my Guardianship and they are SO.MUCH. CLEARER. Coffee…is a stimulant. It stimulates me. I become active, focused. Cacao, Dandelion Root, MCT Oil, Cardamom, Honey and Cinnamon …are elixirs of mother Earth, of mother and father God. They are of the earth, feeding my spirit and body all of the magic in which they are derived from. They fill me with beautiful prayers, manifestations, they QUIET the mind to go inside to be able to manifest my wildest dreams, my quantum work, your health, my health, their health.


Coffee was not helping my manifestation processes it was hindering it. I always felt there was “something” I was missing in my journey to help catapult my abilities to manifest-to magnetize. With four plants in the 8th house of my natal chart, I should be able go manifest all of the abundance in the world; inheritance. When I say abundance, I don’t mean “money” I mean wealth. Wealth in my body, wealth in my family, wealth in my development, wealth in my career. Coffee was actually taking something away and now I have found something to support the dreams. I am not saying coffee is “bad” or “bad for you”. I am saying it stepped in front of my magick powers of manifestation and visualization; it was a block. And now that I have found another bit of magick to share with you…so I shall….


I love you.



Silas Rises

Author Silas Rises

Aloha from Hawaii. Today I am in Hawaii, tomorrow I am in Canada. I would love to share my expansion from the 3D life I lived, dormant for decades to where I am today; always a student...always ascending. I lived a life as a teacher, social worker, law student to a lightwkrker, cosmic healer, intuitive energy worker and business owner. I have a tribe of star seeds and a life of magic to support their growth in the new world. Thank you for being here beauties, I look forward to this journey together. I love you.

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