It’s interesting I was awake at midnight writing a very similar post and it disappeared off the grid. Coincidence? You know I never think of anything in such a way. My soul has been gifted this beautiful human to live in, but in the human experience comes density. My avatar, that is the soul’s light body and how it represents in my physical human body and beyond…so we are both.. has it landed?

December 27th, my husband and I Jetset to Cabo last minute. I felt the need for an oceanic upgrade. Although he will “dive” into my passions, he isn’t as attuned to the ocean as I (and imagine he is from an island as I, only his is in the Caribbean). My toes found home sinking into the sand and the ocean spray mist on my face like some would mist a makeup setter. Over the past two years how I treat my avatar has upgraded to new ways.

The vastness of how we can sit in our true beauty begins with what we feed our human, our avatar. The energetic hygiene if you must. The words you say, the thoughts you think. I know we are living in an human experience and there is density spread throughout the Earth but it becomes a subtle sense of freedom when you have landed fully in the energetic experience that we are limitless, we can live and communicate in the unified field, we are electromagnetic multidimensional beings, Angelic’s, ethereal beings what have you… we are it. Some HU-MAN’s will always be in human form physically and won’t co concrete with their avatar, this is due to density sitting in the body, in the nervous system. There are no books to teach you this, just those of us who have lived the experiences. This is the magic, this is the quantum physics, this is where they intertwine.

I drink dandelion tea instead of coffee (for the most part), I drink ginseng instead of any sort of “energy drink”. I eat intuitively which is usually based on fruit, vegetables and grains. I do yoga. I work out. I stare at the sun. I thank my water, I thank GOD, I pray, I attend a church with supernatural multidimensional beings where we praise God and don’t speak about religion. I wear vegan products only on my face (thank you Amber). I cut out any foundations and concealers for tinted vegan moisturizers. I don’t wear fake nails, I don’t have eye lash extensions.. these small changes have allowed me the upgrades necessary to elevate my consciousness and how I interface with the “world”. Will I still do something like put in hair extensions? Yes! Will I have that quad espresso? sometimes! Will I get the botox…. sure am! But I can tell you when I am interfacing with the botox I am transmuting the energetics of the liquid as it goes into my face to ensure it’s working organically and in it’s best nature to support my wishes. THAT is the difference. I do not drink alcohol of any sorts and I have never felt more “online” and integrated with my over soul in any lifetime I have lived.

I am now present.

I am constantly fortifying the field of my family from black magic and psychic attacks… think jealousy, that is one way of speaking that you may hear. I am always calling in all versions of myself into my body, collapsing out old timelines and programs, moving through density, speaking I light languages (as some may identify it as tongues). This era has been WAITING for us to remember whose we truly are. We are interconnecting down here on the earth plain and as we are activating we are lighting up. Our star fam above and beyond are seeing the development of constellations here on Earth, just think what if we are co creating astrology for other beings out there based on our frequency, our place on this earth plain, our activations and downloads… like the Royal Stars, like Pluto, Saturn, like the milky way. I sit in a place where we are interconnecting with other beings here, when activated we create the constellations forming universal parallels for our star fam. Hear me higher because I am SO EXCITED. Heaven is truly a place that is limitless, part of me thinks part of me is living in Heaven now and it’s only going to get better.


I know you say but what about… and what about… my take on things are density. If you think about Easter Europe it sits far away from the Equator, where it’s dense. Less Sunlight (less medicine, less coding from God), the energy is so dense it continues to spread and manifest in the energetics that take place in that place. Hawaii, is so close to the equator the island is literally alive. Its my go-to place for activation and integration, not to party and sunbathe, I go there to UPGRADE. To LEVEL UP. I am actually heading there in three weeks with three of the kiddos, and I truly feel it’s for a multitude of reasons and I could not be happier. The closer I become to the aliveness of the islands and the vortex in which this magical place is coded for my soul, the more I am able to serve not only my medicine but my soul in the organic blueprint in which I have been templated for here on Earth…how amazing is this????

Externally I am watching souls/humans/avatars/programs getting sucked into loop holes. Loop holes of “throw out your auric cards”, “DISPOSE of those crystals it is BLACK MAGIC”. Being able to sit in energetic spaces and map out the energetics of “why” leaders, mentors, teachers are advising their students to do those things automatically feels fragmented to me as a highly sensitive being. Crystals…are magic of the earth. They work to break up density…simple. God is simple. Supernatural God code is SIMPLE. Working with these realms gets more simple as you interface with the energetics more and more. People on this plain and the next can use any modality to practise anything they want this is the magic yet limitless. Once you have sat with the energies of union of diving union WITHIN your inner self then you can will be able to play with and decipher what is for you and what is for not. It is my belief that we can change the energetics of ANYTHING we are working with be it auric cards, meditations, even crystals. If they are used to manifest density in the form of inorganic dark matter, that is what they could hold, until the density of that is cleared with light/consciousness. As long as we are setting up fortified fields and working with divine union of God and the SON/SUN of God, which in my world I call Jesus, then the miracles are absolutely LIMITLESS.

I pray in reading these works in invokes a sense of mystery in side of you, sparks some magic in the soul…


I love you.


Silas Rises

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Aloha from Hawaii. Today I am in Hawaii, tomorrow I am in Canada. I would love to share my expansion from the 3D life I lived, dormant for decades to where I am today; always a student...always ascending. I lived a life as a teacher, social worker, law student to a lightwkrker, cosmic healer, intuitive energy worker and business owner. I have a tribe of star seeds and a life of magic to support their growth in the new world. Thank you for being here beauties, I look forward to this journey together. I love you.

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