The last last minute vacation we took was booked 24 hours ahead of “time” to Los Cabos, Mexico, one of our (and when I say our I mean my husband and I’s) favourite countries that is quite close to “home” to travel too. A quick couple hour flight and my feet felt the earth in the blue waters, the sands beneath my toes taking me home. I surrendered to the medicine of the ocean once again. I was activated.

People are curious about my medicine. It’s one of many lineages, many lifetimes. My grandmother Nora was psychic (although I don’t think she shared this due to the radically inappropriate connotation of the time period in which she lived). I believe a couple of my aunties, my uncle and a cousin also to be prolific psychics, again, not much is spoke of it. I always tended to be the “black sheep” living off the beaten path, usually not scared to speak my mind but growing into moments of fear of persecution. These are old templates and leading into the Golden Age, I am no longer afraid. I have visions of a future so beautiful, I see the peripheral of everything I have ever dreamed of. I see what is held in the fields of people around me and spirits tend to try to communicate with me at any given time… you may not believe it until you sit in space with me…

I write this because this photo reminds me how grateful I am to be in this human, in this avatar living in this human experience but so confidently understanding of the different realms and unified field of God. To work with God energy, to be in love with Jesus or more often times than not, Yeshua. I still feel the density of the human body here on earth, I see the density in the places around us, the places furthest from the equator; I feel the density of sickness, pain and suffering, but then I transmute it very quickly into light consciousness; this is the medicine. it is a simple statement.

I have graduated into being able to map energy quickly, I know what is for me, I know what is not and I can do it in the blink of an eye. I can pin point your medicine from earth plains’ away and I always pray pray pray that you find it withIN in your INNER self to share it. It takes work. It may take a mentor, it may take a book. It may take meditation or a life changing event…it may not happen.

One of my karmic loops was in my natal chart, and until I unpacked it with my medicine woman, I wasn’t aware. You don’t know what you don’t know. This has led me into now diving into astrology in a new way; everything I had known up until now was intuitive and learning, now it is understanding it in a whole new way. I resonated with sidereal astrology about a year ago, now I really understand how my soul, over soul and light body work within the aspects of the true and false fields of the planets that show up in our beautiful solar system.

I was not able to level up my light body, my over soul until I knew. And now… it’s Ophicus energy like no other. Grandmother’s wisdom… Nora Madeline.