Nora is the founder of Silas Rises which is a Health, Wellness and Personal Development Platform that offers intuitive healing and spiritual ascension services guided by her education, experiential learning and intuitive mediumship gifts. She is here to offer medicine in  a safe and sacred container for your intuitive consultations, personal spiritual journey and to dive deep into healing lifetimes of trauma to release density and live in a new consciousness that is limitless to your deepest desires.

She will journey with you through her work and love of God, in the feminine and masculine to come into union as you navigate your way through both body and mind, present and ancient energy blockages. Nora will work with you through current paradigm shifts to uncover your souls true purpose. The root of her work is focused on balancing the physical and spiritual, the heart and the mind, and the visible and invisible; to connect science and magic in a way for you to understand and then journey through your own organic  blueprint here on Earth and beyond.  Through quantum field medicine she is able to explore past lives, connect with loved ones who have passed on and are looking to communicate, guide you in healing the light body through connection in a sacred space and support your soul, oversoul and light body with any other guidance that your guardianship wishes to share with you through God code/energy.

Nora is a certified yoga teacher, a registered teacher, a writer, a mother to five beautiful children and a successful business owner of a corporation she built from the ground up. She has studied the Evolution of Holistic Herbalism to expand her intuitive consulting services, Golden Age Astrology and has continued to expand and sit in her own medicine to expand her medicine to share with each of you.  Nora has extensive experience working with people in one-on-one intimate settings to promote healing and growth through her career in social work and in therapeutic settings. Today she is journeying in real estate and offering intuitive real estate services to connect humans to homes.  All sessions are confidential and follow a universal law of ethics. Each session is guided by your personal journey, goals, medicine, belief systems, implementations of techniques, willingness to trust your own process and the magic of your guardianship and divine counsel.

Outside of intuitive consulting sessions and mediumship medicine,  Nora is also offering services to support the entrepreneurial minded in starting  your own business as well as business advice and support. Her keen business sense and intuitive work style has helped grow her business exponentially with the right mindset. You will hear Nora say over and over again, “Wealth in the right hands will change humanity” and supporting you through your ascensions and locating your organic blue print for abundance is part of her earth mission.

Nora also offers Energetic Home Assessments/Psychic Clearings of the home and space as she believes human and home have a divine connection. These are offered through her booking schedule. There is work facilitated in the here and now while working in the quantum field as she interacts with the energetics of the space, both the physical and energetic space of the home while communicating and activating the human.