on a more 3D paradigm

I am also offering Business Development &  Entrepreneurship Mentoring Sessions. I have successfully built two companies from the ground up that have increased in revenue by over 500% in two years. From Government Employee to Business Owner, I was able to map out and put into action a dream of my husbands to develop what is now a 6 figure Corporation  and my own sole proprietor business that encompasses my dream (Silas Rises). We will work together with. my intuition, your guides and questions to journey to your purpose, find out what lights your fire, what makes you excited from day to day and then define the plan of action.  Together we will work through all the legalities, ethical processes, paperwork, marketing, and implementation of developing  own business or whatever business journey we evoke upon. I am guided by spirit, intuition and your energy in developing this program for you which is a 1:1 personalized program suited to you.