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It’s interesting I was awake at midnight writing a very similar post and it disappeared off the grid. Coincidence? You know I never think of anything in such a way. My soul has been gifted this beautiful human to live in, but in the human experience comes density. My avatar, that is the soul’s light body and how it represents in my physical human body and beyond…so we are both.. has it landed?

December 27th, my husband and I Jetset to Cabo last minute. I felt the need for an oceanic upgrade. Although he will “dive” into my passions, he isn’t as attuned to the ocean as I (and imagine he is from an island as I, only his is in the Caribbean). My toes found home sinking into the sand and the ocean spray mist on my face like some would mist a makeup setter. Over the past two years how I treat my avatar has upgraded to new ways.

The vastness of how we can sit in our true beauty begins with what we feed our human, our avatar. The energetic hygiene if you must. The words you say, the thoughts you think. I know we are living in an human experience and there is density spread throughout the Earth but it becomes a subtle sense of freedom when you have landed fully in the energetic experience that we are limitless, we can live and communicate in the unified field, we are electromagnetic multidimensional beings, Angelic’s, ethereal beings what have you… we are it. Some HU-MAN’s will always be in human form physically and won’t co concrete with their avatar, this is due to density sitting in the body, in the nervous system. There are no books to teach you this, just those of us who have lived the experiences. This is the magic, this is the quantum physics, this is where they intertwine.

I drink dandelion tea instead of coffee (for the most part), I drink ginseng instead of any sort of “energy drink”. I eat intuitively which is usually based on fruit, vegetables and grains. I do yoga. I work out. I stare at the sun. I thank my water, I thank GOD, I pray, I attend a church with supernatural multidimensional beings where we praise God and don’t speak about religion. I wear vegan products only on my face (thank you Amber). I cut out any foundations and concealers for tinted vegan moisturizers. I don’t wear fake nails, I don’t have eye lash extensions.. these small changes have allowed me the upgrades necessary to elevate my consciousness and how I interface with the “world”. Will I still do something like put in hair extensions? Yes! Will I have that quad espresso? sometimes! Will I get the botox…. sure am! But I can tell you when I am interfacing with the botox I am transmuting the energetics of the liquid as it goes into my face to ensure it’s working organically and in it’s best nature to support my wishes. THAT is the difference. I do not drink alcohol of any sorts and I have never felt more “online” and integrated with my over soul in any lifetime I have lived.

I am now present.

I am constantly fortifying the field of my family from black magic and psychic attacks… think jealousy, that is one way of speaking that you may hear. I am always calling in all versions of myself into my body, collapsing out old timelines and programs, moving through density, speaking I light languages (as some may identify it as tongues). This era has been WAITING for us to remember whose we truly are. We are interconnecting down here on the earth plain and as we are activating we are lighting up. Our star fam above and beyond are seeing the development of constellations here on Earth, just think what if we are co creating astrology for other beings out there based on our frequency, our place on this earth plain, our activations and downloads… like the Royal Stars, like Pluto, Saturn, like the milky way. I sit in a place where we are interconnecting with other beings here, when activated we create the constellations forming universal parallels for our star fam. Hear me higher because I am SO EXCITED. Heaven is truly a place that is limitless, part of me thinks part of me is living in Heaven now and it’s only going to get better.


I know you say but what about… and what about… my take on things are density. If you think about Easter Europe it sits far away from the Equator, where it’s dense. Less Sunlight (less medicine, less coding from God), the energy is so dense it continues to spread and manifest in the energetics that take place in that place. Hawaii, is so close to the equator the island is literally alive. Its my go-to place for activation and integration, not to party and sunbathe, I go there to UPGRADE. To LEVEL UP. I am actually heading there in three weeks with three of the kiddos, and I truly feel it’s for a multitude of reasons and I could not be happier. The closer I become to the aliveness of the islands and the vortex in which this magical place is coded for my soul, the more I am able to serve not only my medicine but my soul in the organic blueprint in which I have been templated for here on Earth…how amazing is this????

Externally I am watching souls/humans/avatars/programs getting sucked into loop holes. Loop holes of “throw out your auric cards”, “DISPOSE of those crystals it is BLACK MAGIC”. Being able to sit in energetic spaces and map out the energetics of “why” leaders, mentors, teachers are advising their students to do those things automatically feels fragmented to me as a highly sensitive being. Crystals…are magic of the earth. They work to break up density…simple. God is simple. Supernatural God code is SIMPLE. Working with these realms gets more simple as you interface with the energetics more and more. People on this plain and the next can use any modality to practise anything they want this is the magic yet limitless. Once you have sat with the energies of union of diving union WITHIN your inner self then you can will be able to play with and decipher what is for you and what is for not. It is my belief that we can change the energetics of ANYTHING we are working with be it auric cards, meditations, even crystals. If they are used to manifest density in the form of inorganic dark matter, that is what they could hold, until the density of that is cleared with light/consciousness. As long as we are setting up fortified fields and working with divine union of God and the SON/SUN of God, which in my world I call Jesus, then the miracles are absolutely LIMITLESS.

I pray in reading these works in invokes a sense of mystery in side of you, sparks some magic in the soul…


I love you.


An Early Thought in 2022

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We stand now in 2022, it’s been a while since I wrote but the words have never left. The stories continue to culminate day after day, the miracles, the acts of faith, the unbelievable. I have continued to travel, go to the grocery store without a mask, enjoy activities like I used to just with less people.
COVID is just gone all of a sudden- stories of New World Orders and World War 3 run like a wild fire through peoples social media platforms, looping into fragmented souls and time lines instilling more fear therefore creating more fear in their reality and then their reality is turning true for them. I pray everyday, for people to activate and start to be coherent to the idea that we create our own reality, kind of like a movie or board game will you. Then we share our realities co-creating more of that reality.

I actually caught the coco virus on my way back from Cabo with my husband and then it transferred to him. I was down for a couple days letting my body do it’s thing, it did hit him a lot harder… a week maybe. Don’t get me wrong, we know there’s a virus, but shutting down the world and living in this weird movie with double masks and three vaccines and still catching….. that’s the upside down.

Enough about that, my point is your way of BEing in this time and the future is all energetics and consciousness. Our thoughts are creating our realities and peoples energies if not fortified are sticking to other peoples energies creating their consciousness and then new templates and new timelines are creating.

I have learned and finally remembered my “job” as a multidimensional being here on this earth plein in this human is here to share that we CAN change the times lines; not every soul will end up on the timeline of crystalline frequencies, of the unified oneness of God but MANY of us have, will and will continue.
When you meet someone who is activated into their God Coded Blueprint or their mission or their light leadership then parts of your soul body, your star body your higher consciousness WILL be activated;

The Golden Age leaders, the teachers, the grid keepers, angelics… we are all here to help you remember and live in what my mentor has coded “the wide awake” and that’s exactly what it is. We aren’t “asleep” anymore.

We KNOW that the SUN is MEDICINE. We know the wisdom that grows with the trees and we sit with the wide trees and listen to their stories. I know this can sound wild to some, and don’t take it from me, give it a try. Sit next to a tree, close your outer eyes, open your inner eye, breathe and listen with your mind. Ask questions in your head and listen to the softness and subtle wisdom you receive… THIS IS ACTIVATION, THIS IS LIFE.

Although I love Instagram to connect with my star fam, the templates of war and politics have turned into viruses there- shedding more fear, harbouring more people to feed ENERGY into that timeline. I was guilty of it for a minute. Then I remembered. I don’t have to share with people the vastness of the dark energy there’s PLENTY of “woke” people who have chosen that time line and that’s their mission or part there of, but remembering mine is to remember that we recognize that it’s happening and we go into meditation and we pray and CLEAR those grids and timelines.

I lie in my bed at 6:41 am, listening to the wind and the airplanes outside. My youngest angelic, Leo Marie lies curled up against my torso as I write this as dawn breaks. Mounds of curls from her sister Silas wrapped in her baby fingers.

These are the moments I have to thank God for.

I know my family is safe. I have that power. I protect them like no other.
Today we might adventure for a snow filled hike through some forest trees… to reconnect and remember.

2022 will be a beautiful timeline for some and a scary for others. If you have read these words it might be your time that you start to remember that what I say to be true.

look at the sun. Remember that we ARE the cosmos. As we light up down here our star bodies are creating new constellations in the galaxy for the star families to connect to; we are astrology. We are the stars we are the blue print for so many other places as the stars and planets are to us here; can you SEE yet?

How Coffee Kept me Down (Spiritually)

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It wasn’t until 2020 when I had ALL of this time on my hands that I really started to play with the internals of “life”. How my blood felt as it pulsed through my veins, how my mind felt in the morning after a class of lemon water and cacao or Dandelion Root opposed to an Americano. I LOVED coffee. It was definitely the first thing I had in the morning and when I was working as a teacher or heading to my office when I worked with children in care, I drank 2-3. Coffee was life…and then I started making my own morning elixir. MIND.BLOWN.


At first I thought, hey I will replace my afternoon coffee with my warm, nutty elixir that brought me to Bali, sinking my toes in the sand and listening to the waves. Then I started replacing my morning coffee with this drink. My vision (third eye) became clearer. I am able to notice activations and downloads much more prominently. What do I mean by that? I mean I notice the symbols in my minds eye, I hear the vision, the voices, the prayers of my ascended masters. I am listening to the inner guidance of my Guardianship and they are SO.MUCH. CLEARER. Coffee…is a stimulant. It stimulates me. I become active, focused. Cacao, Dandelion Root, MCT Oil, Cardamom, Honey and Cinnamon …are elixirs of mother Earth, of mother and father God. They are of the earth, feeding my spirit and body all of the magic in which they are derived from. They fill me with beautiful prayers, manifestations, they QUIET the mind to go inside to be able to manifest my wildest dreams, my quantum work, your health, my health, their health.


Coffee was not helping my manifestation processes it was hindering it. I always felt there was “something” I was missing in my journey to help catapult my abilities to manifest-to magnetize. With four plants in the 8th house of my natal chart, I should be able go manifest all of the abundance in the world; inheritance. When I say abundance, I don’t mean “money” I mean wealth. Wealth in my body, wealth in my family, wealth in my development, wealth in my career. Coffee was actually taking something away and now I have found something to support the dreams. I am not saying coffee is “bad” or “bad for you”. I am saying it stepped in front of my magick powers of manifestation and visualization; it was a block. And now that I have found another bit of magick to share with you…so I shall….


I love you.



ADHD in the Upside Down.

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Don’t you listen?

Are you paying attention?

Clearly you have zero respect. 

Why can’t you get “this”…whatever “this” is on any given day by any given person. 

Doctors! Medication! Sedation! Trial & Error. 

They called it everything, they have said everything and I am guilty of saying some of the above to my own teenage son who has ADHD. I was hard on him at times.. then I was in a motor vehicle accident and developed “ADHD”.

Only now am I learning to live in a new brain, in a different world (considering the changes 2020 has brought upon civilization as a whole) and to advocate and support myself and my son because only now I can relate to his side of the story. It makes me feel like shit if you want me to be honest and transparency is the theme of the year…intertwined with integrity, growth, grit and outright confusion. My family had a hard time trying to understand the new me. The old me…was able to set one serious goal and sit down and get it down with 150% no matter what I was applying myself. The new me, the attention deficit me… sets 15 small goals, starts them all, gets to the middle of some of them and might finish 2. That’s the reality of it. BUT, I still work magic in a crisis…it’s where I work best.. but not before my brain overloads on stimuli such as sound. I crash and burn at the sounds of some things so I have to be cautious of the environment in which I am literally trying to function in.

I can run three separate businesses but I can’t seem to finish a book or remember anything I read this morning. Crazy hey?

I love to meditate but it takes me clearing my head to find the intention and set down the time to start the meditation, but when I find that moment, it’s ….home. But to get home I had to walk to the grocery store, buy chocolate when I was supposed to buy cheese, forget to get gas, ignore the ringing phones in my purse and try to remember the route…that is literally how it feels when I have to plan something…as simple as meditation.

I get anxiety when I don’t get stuff done which causes extreme overwhelming feelings of dread followed by a bout of depression at such time I lay in child’s pose, breathe it out, do some chanting and start to feel “attentive” to life again.

Magnesium has been a godsend. One that no medical doctors recommended to me over the course of a year and a half but my beautiful Naturopathic doctor was able to prescribe.

I have traded in my espressos for Dandelion Root, Medical Doctors for Naturopaths, Perfume for Essential Oils and wine nights for reading in bed.

I am educated yet lack retention. I am outgoing yet extremely introverted.

This new journey has been weirdly liberating. I have invested in a spiritual coach who has supported me into sharing my psychic abilities with the wild women that have been attracted to my offerings. I have detached from main stream medical care except for chiropractic care and regular therapy because… well who doesn’t need an amazing therapist when navigating our day to day 3-D life.

But hey this is where I am at. This is what ADHD looks like. Successful yet sporadic. Dedicated yet depressed. Easygoing yet overwhelmed. A warrior. A spirited high priestess navigating the world with a million different thoughts and spirits …souls and messages.

Dedicated. Motivated…and Grateful. 


I love you.


The Looking Glass

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January 26th, 2021 and here we are. I am reading articles online that describe how the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is telling health professionals to stop describing breastfeeding as “natural”: it could lead parents down the path of alternative medicine, home-schooling and becoming anti-vaccination”.


It brought me to bit of a deeper contemplation of what it’s like looking from the “inside-out” or even “the right-side-up”. Have we all been living in a fake paradigm of systems that should have never existed? Governments, Religious Sectors, Health Systems designed to make us sick rather than help make us better. I saw Rick Ross has invested in this Online Health Platform called JetDocs; Their platform boasts information about meditation, eating well, yoga and everything that is meant to help heal the body. From the glass in which I look through, this is “real life”.

We post on all of our social media platforms pictures of the pretty food we eat, the bodies we work hard in, the nice outfits and the smiling faces. I get it. Why would we post the greasy onion rings we’re guilty of eating every day with a small gravy or the piles of laundry that haven’t been folded and put away yet? Nevermind videos of screaming children, arguments with our families or our unwashed hair…that’s “too personal”. BUT it leads me to think about one more step.

READING and LISTENING to what people post. Most often then not I do find an integration of transparency in the written words the sisterhood is writing about. Underneath the pretty photo is a raw statement about their struggle with mental health, the unkept house or domestic violence.

What if we started looking deeper instead of assuming and passing judgement on what we SEE at first sight? What if we dove into the material? The foundations on which the surface is laid upon? Today I had an interesting conversation with a client in one of my cosmic healing sessions and it was about how lonely it can be when people “THINK” you’re “at the top” or how lonely it is when you are viewed as “something” that they perceive. Living in a family of 6 everyday, I still find copious amounts of loneliness in my quiet moments. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself and I value my quiet moments but when our values and views are that “out of ‘the norm'” (and please tell me WHAT the norm is now a days??) it can be a lonely world.

In a session with my coach and the other women full of wisdom that are doing spiritual work with us, we talked about how we enter the quantum field or even in moments of meditation and we “don’t want to come back”. It’s tough some days. It’s tough trying to live your purpose everyday with sovereignty and love and kindness when the “outside” world can be so cold. The world can be cruel and having open centres, open hearts you can become a victim of attacks of all sorts. Yes, yes we are tough skinned, we are born with GRIT those of us who have survived our Dark Night of the Soul but still understanding that everything is projection can leave holes in the body that have to be filled (or disintegrated in the timelines) to refill them with love and strength and all of the things our soul’s really encompass.

When our values have changed because our understanding of the world has changed people fall away. People judge. People call us “crazy” or “conspiracy theorists” to the point we sometimes tone down how we share our truth. It can feel really fucking dark guys when your whole world and being has shifted. I know it’s “home”. I know I have fully awakened to what my job to do here is… but not everyone understands.

Something I have heard a bit has been “you have changed since you started this spiritual journey thing”. This “thing” has been waiting so many lifetimes to evolve. Centuries upon centuries women have been persecuted for their natural and innate medicines. Our powers have been suppressed through systems and systems of what you know as “life” and that’s not what we were meant to do here. I feel the energy of others and there are times I have to step away because the energy transfers to me so quickly that if it’s not of a consciousness that is of a higher frequency that day I don’t have the strength in my being to alchemize it for that person; it becomes lonely but oh so powerful when you step into that power for yourself. This “thing” has allowed me to finally love myself. To take my Angel wings and wrap then around myself and say “thank you for being here, now is your time”.

A lot of us women have been categorized for many years in our lifetime as having different “mental health” issues such as Bipolar Disorder, ADD, ADHD, Psychosis; you name it, I Have heard it from my many sisters who have risen during this time. When in reality we had these “experiences” happening that were a sign of our purpose, our past, our lifetimes of suppressed medicines that needed to reemerge to help society for times like today.

I have also been custom to hearing things like “but you have everything you want”, “your life is so perfect look at it” and even such things like “you, you would take the bus?” Are you kidding me? I grew up on a f*cking bus with a single Dad who worked three jobs. I ate McDonalds and KraftDinner for about 10 years. The looking glass may appear rose coloured to some but I think that’s the point, is not much is what it seems until you dive deeper.

Have you read my words this far? Or just looked at the picture and said something out of judgement? I sit here quietly in my kitchen drinking a cup of Nettle Tea. Five years ago I would be a bottle deep into a nice full bodied Red. I revel in the sound of the waterfall in my living room and my husband reading quietly to the girls at bedtime when five years ago I would revel in the sounds of Lil Wayne and some other obscure music that talks about dope dreams and big titties. Life isn’t always what it seems from the other side of the glass.

My body has been taking a break because there is so much going on in the world and I have noticed that when I give my body a break, my mind needs a break too. I judge myself harshly for that. Am I doing good enough? Am I contributing enough to our families finances? That too is a judgement upon myself. I take other peoples words and impressions and let them integrate into an old paradigm of self worth (or lack there of). Of course what I am doing is good enough. Sharing these intimate words are my medicine for you. Sharing these moments are medicine in itself..for me, for you, for us.

I know times are so intense in the season right now and there are so many theories, paradigms and worlds living in one. I get it. I hope my words are of reverence to you. To keep going. To find the way. To find the simplicities that make you smile in each day, maybe not each moment but at least each day. No one is “perfect” we weren’t meant to be perfect, we were meant to return “home” to our purpose and that is when we will feel whole.


I love you.

The Ending to the New Beginning

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I woke up today at 5:30 am with a bit of a heavier heart. A quick phone call “home” to see the “realities” of the life I am going to step back into. Which hat to wear? In no particular order…Mom, Wife, Cleaner, Teacher, Writer, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Oracle, Business Owner and many more I can reel off softly…   The anxiety starts to set in. I have stepped outside to catch a view of the monstrous beauty “Haleakala” wishing I could climb down the centre of the beautiful crater and dissolve into my light body. I hear of Quebec enforcing times people can live there home as I watch this lovely retired couple walk down the beautiful bird and flower filled road in front of me hearing the waves crash without masks on, with revel in the nature we surround ourselves. I see a rainbow in the distance it’s shades of pink, purple, Lue, green, yellow, orange then red….and I know this is the beginning for me.   With my coffee in hand and Silas playing inside the screen watching Anna and Elsa on Youtube I see the polarities of life. Life in the “upside down” which is the inorganic matrix many have fallen into, the timeline people can’t escape where death is finite and the coco is killing then I see the time line where we CREATE our REALITIES. Where Vitamin D really works, where we can manifest and meditate our immune systems into miraculous working order. Why aren’t the governors holding mass meditations on CTV News with breath work to help the immune system, elevating the frequency of society so we can all transition into our light bodies and elevate the frequency of the world as a whole and kick the coco to the curb? It’s a WTF though?   The rainbow has dissipated now. I pulled out my Starseed Oracle Cards and prayed to my council members and highest octaves, “what do I need to do to escape the inorganic timeline in Canada with my family so they can revel in this sunshine and miraculous wonder of the ocean, flowers, birds, pineapple juice, fresh papaya, exercise on the beach?
Big Picture Thinking. Fall Into My Arms. WILD. Big picture tells us how the Pleiadians are our distant cousins (I am a hybrid of the Pleiadians and Lemurians). It’s never too late to change the future, I am a visionary, a leader. I am being called to be a visionary on the planet (ha!) I am here to birth a new age and dream a new world into being. I have been given an idea lately and this is confirmation I am being divinely guided into doing this. AUUUGH WILD! I called my husband three days ago and told him about our plan; what we needed to do.. .and here it is.   The decisions we make today are going to effect the wellbeing of our planet and all of its species. I foresee some “obstacles” that are likely due to a nonorganic matter that I will have to seek legislative support but otherwise this dream of mine..this is my calling. My children’s calling; this is for them.   The next step which is Fall Into My Arms is advising me to trust that there are “highs and lows” or “good and bad” in the 3D realities that we have been taught to see. Now will be the time where the highs and lows initiate me further into life and with the support to the mother, her mother, my mother she will support this dream and allow me to hand over my fears, insecurities, loneliness, burdens and doubts. The more I wildly surrender the more I am wildly supportive (Like we say, “stay wild”…love you Kaleigh). I feel relief. The next 6 weeks are only going to be the reality I create. Buckle down, get my studying done. Upgrade some learning, manifest the abundance we are waiting for and set the plan in action for March. The beauty about what I am doing to help heal others, is I can do it remotely; it’s that beautiful.   I can offer your readings in the enchanted gardens surrounded by the sunshine to bring in even more upgrades to you, to me, to us.   So for today we will go to the ocean shores again and soak up the mana of the ocean before we set sail back to Canada tomorrow. We will meditate, do yoga, dream, breathe, and co create the future.   I challenge you to start thinking outside the box. What is it that you want to do? Where is it that you want to be?   What do you need to do to get there? …think BABY STEPS in the unlimited wild of your imagination.   How does it feel to be living the life you want to be living? Write it down, the smells, the feeling, the sites, the sounds you hear, how you resonate? DREAM IT.   I love you. Turn off the news and start creating your own reality, they can’t control the uncontrollable no matter how hard they try and remember the light wins.  


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ALOHA (/a:louha;/;Hawaiian: is the word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy, that is commonly used as a simple greeting but has a deeper cultural and spiritual significance to native Hawaiians.   I woke up at 4 am again here because I am still on “mainland” time. I have noted that in Hawaii you are still in “the states”. You don’t call the rest of the US of A “the states” simply…anything else is “the mainland”. I am sitting on my third floor balcony starting at the brightest stars I have ever seen, sipping on a $14.00 bottle of Instant Organic Coffee from the Hawaiian Natural Food Stores (and yes US dollars). Despite Maui’s expensive taste, it’s home to an array of homeless people who came here and couldn’t find work, half a million feral cats that live in the deserted sugar cane fields and free turkeys and chickens; you hear roosters doing their early morning call at 5 am when I have already been up for hours. Please don’t let this description deter you from the oh so magical beauty of this sacred island but this is the reality of it. Let’s reframe, there are so many cats and turkeys and chickens because the Hawaiian way is to respect life, to respect Mana, chi and breath. To live righteously. You can’t see them from the beaches, from the towns (except some apartments that may face those empty fields). There is so much more to Hawaii then just the ocean, the whale watching, rainforests, ancient temples, sandy feet and sounds of the early morning ferries. The sun rises at 7 am in the winter months and sets at 7 pm. The towns bustle with surfers, yogis, tourists, locals and spirit from sunrise to sunset (and beyond no doubt). There are volcanoes in the distance with a rich history, a glare to the sun that feeds your body all of the ancient dna codes that have lay dormant waiting for light code activation. You might think I am crazy but have you done a healing session with me? Have you spoken with your ancestors, met with your past lives, your galactic family? I help with that in the most sacred space thank you to my coach and guides…but that’s a story for another day. Today my coffee is sweet and Silas and I are heading to an early morning Drone photo shoot at sunrise for some marketing material..and to dip our feet in the ocean at dawn. Then off to do the coco test so I can come back to our now communist country of Canada. I am honestly reflecting on how I am going to feel coming back to such astrocities but I will let that thought be a short season so my frequency continues to stay high.   Maui is not like Oahu or anywhere else I have ever been. The people remind me of Newfoundlanders only surrounded by palm trees, rainforests, ocean and volcanoes. You respect their land, spirit evokes a presence to respect you. I see lights started to turn on around me as 5:30 hits. People start to rise to spend their day soaking up Vitamin D; a lot of work takes place outside because the cafes and restaurants are outside. It’s sunny here 365 days a year; it will be our winter home.   I was challenged coming here; by family, by some friends, by the government. But supported by my tribe and my spirit guides and council members..and not to mention the zodiac. They had a message for me when I came here..and for Silas. She no doubt has been here before. She was an ancient princess, a Hawaiian enchantress. This is her soul’s home. I saw her laugh a million lifetimes of wisdom as she knelt in the ocean; it was incredible to watch the magic. I cleared our chakra systems …the ones beyond our physical light body, I meditated, I did Kriya this morning at 4:30 am when the veil was thin.   There is something called Mana in Hawaii- “chi”. It’s found in sacred grounds, the ocean, the forest… I soak it up. Giving thanks to the universe for this opportunity to fill and heal my cells, to revive ancient dormant DNA so I can help heal, write, share my experiences. Adrian has supported this soul trip from beginning to end and I can’t thank him enough for this opportunity. We have plans for Maui. Maui has plans for us.   We are here until Thursday and then I will come home and continue to embark upon the white noise that brings the distinction necessary for growth. My brain is different here; attached to Atlantis, the old ways. It’s interesting I see some people that say “if you brag about ascension you haven’t really ascended”. Sharing your experiences isn’t bragging; its simply sharing; and it if triggers you ..I am sharing the right information because you’re starting to break out of your own paradigms, so thank you. I share from a humble space; a space of magic because I can’t believe the magic sometimes, it blows my mind. Hawaii is another layer of growth so we can continue to help the rest of the souls on earth also “remember”. Remember your purpose, your path, your innate psychic abilities; you have them, I have them, we have them as a collective. Remember your star family; where you came from.   Atlantic and Lemuria were my home. I have always been a healer. An enchantress, working with crystal balls, lifetime after lifetime..and now I remember. I have shed the material to dive deep into the core of Mother Earth… I love you.   Mahalo.   As I find my way, I can help guide you to yours….  

Coming Home – A tale from the wide awake

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It’s interesting how in my 37 years on this planet I never felt at home. Do you know when I felt at home? When I was asleep..and dreaming. When I was in the ocean, feet in the sand, sun on my face. When I was in a forest exploring the emerald green and golden bark of the earth’s most magical structures..and when I was in cemeteries..yes cemeteries.
As a young girl, I loved exploring cemeteries everywhere I travelled with my parents. Whether I was driving along the rugged coasts of Newfoundland coming across little wooden tombstones in desolate towns along the sea side or in Nova Scotia or the Maritimes.. I had this connection to the spirits that had passed. Only now do I know why.
I was a “weird” child. The one people laughed at, made fun of, ignored. I often wore flowing skirts and army boots at the age of 8, 9…11. The kinds Gypsies and good witches (healers) of the not so ancient past wore. I made jewellery and often found myself walking rivers and long bodies of water alone, jumping from rock to rock getting lost in nature all alone. Those were the times I felt “home”. The first time I remember encountering a spirit that I let others know about was when I was at my father’s home in PEI. I was sleeping downstairs on the couch at maybe age 17 or 18 (I can’t really recall) and I woke up and saw a man holding a brown liquor bag..you know the kind they drink out of heading upstairs where my toddler sister and baby brother slept with my father and my step-mom. First I froze in fear and then I screamed at the top of my lungs “He’s coming upstairs”. I heard my father jump out of bed, I saw the shadowy figure turn to look my way then with one leg up the stairs, my dad turned on the light and the spirit disappeared. I was told it was a nightmare and to go back to bed.
My innate gift of connection to spirit I kept mainly inside with the odd chat to someone about angels. I encountered other angels all the time and other spirits who presented themselves to let my angel spirit do her work. It was magical and those quiet times inside myself I felt at home. I have forever been happy alone but yearned for “home”… fears of abandonment have heavily held me like a dark storm, and only now I find beauty in the winds. I credit my gifts to my past lives and my guides. I also give a bit of credit to my husband who has allowed me the time and space to explore and develop and learn about my gifts each day; I am sure to him it’s been a bit like living in the twilight zone. Our living room went from Modern Contemporary to plants, meditation pillows, bowls of crystals, incense, earthy smells, containers of live teas and yoga mats…and he only complained once.. otherwise he has allowed me the space to go inward and to take our family along for the ride.
I have completed my Yoga teacher training which was the last piece of the puzzle. I don’t think it was so I could “be a yoga teacher” it was to learn the poses inside and out and how they work with our energy systems; it was to learn how to support others in opening energy centres that need healing. It was to connect with the BEAUTIFUL humans in my class..my sisterhood of gypsies, healers, educators and goddesses. It was to experience was it meant to be still and be in love with the stillness; to open up prone, to explore the doshas, it was to connect with home. Now a days, every day I find my soul connecting with other souls of my past, present and future that literally feel like “home”. You know, the kind of “home” that is a knowing, a comfort, a warm cozy blanket surrounded by the warmth of a fire and the sounds of the wood burning. Scents of the woods and a hot cup of coffee. Souls that I look at and feel us dancing in mid evil times as “mid” goodness beings of powerful healing medicine. I come across people that when I touch them palm to palm I get electric chills down my spine. I find myself watching documentaries on the GAIA channel that talk about the Quantum Field. For the people who have questions…the science is there. The science of placebos related to mind-body-power…related to mind-body-healing. The cellular evolution of what your mind can create whether its illness, pain or freedom. I am encountering soul after soul in this life, in this place, in this frequency and they feel like “home”. I have no fear of sharing these feelings with them…and they understand.
When I look at the sun I feel home. When I look into the eyes of someone else that is a star seed from the same place, lay line or or frequency, I feel home. When I look at my children I feel home, my dogs, I feel home. When I stare into the sky I say thank you for bringing me home. This is a time where YOU GET TO CHOOSE what world you will live in, what frequency. 3D? That of fear based paradigms, a timeline that your body has generated template after template, program after program of. Governed by dismantling systems and fluoride. 4D …where you have awaken but only to the “conspiracy theories”, identifies the fragments that are disrupted in the matrix. This is where you start to question everything and realize there are “glitches” that just don’t make sense. This is where you PURGE. This is where you are lost, confused, looking for support and feeling lost…but awake to the obscurities. Then you have the 5D (and beyond).. this is the state of bliss, love, acceptance and awareness. Where you understand without the chaos the evil can’t be alchemized in the way it needs to be. This is the path where you know and feel the innate wisdom of the universe, acceptance of the gifts and beauty. The part where you don’t put things in your body that will keep you in 3D and 4D frequencies; your diet will change, your friend circle will change, your habits, your demeanour..your world. This is when you will “feel like home”.
I won’t resonate with everyone..and that’s okay. I am challenged daily and still have this innate feeling of comfort deep inside me; this knowing; this connection. I know my purpose, it has finally been elevated from lifetimes of suppression. Lifetime after lifetime I have died because of my gifts; whether it was from condemnation from the village, community, government, other tribes, other races. Lifetime after lifetime I was persecuted because I was scared to speak out, scared to continue to work my magic because of fear, of suppression to be disregarded, laughed at, victimized…Finally I am not afraid. Finally I love myself and all parts of me from all lifetimes and frequencies before the one I am currently living out. For the first time, I am not ashamed of my gifts and like I said with a wise woman I encountered today in a clearing session in a friends home…I have stepped in with my left foot forward. My feminine divine energy. Everything I do encompasses my feminine divine energy. I encourage you if you have read my words this far…step in with your left foot forward; now is your time.
I love you and thank you for bringing me home.

2AM Wild Thoughts

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I am so grateful for the evolution of my psychic gifts. I was always different but now.. now is the time to rise with them.
I don’t accept the dark frequency of others and now that my light is bright the attacks are strong. I don‘t sleep without tourmaline on my body or white selenite by my side; it was a learning process on how to protect yourself spiritually but I have been practising and well hello. I am a sensitive light being, so very sensitive and it’s been such an important part of my journey to recognize the polar opposite of light which is dark. The shadows. I pray more, meditate more, tea more and reflect more… I also close the container more so I can “live life” if you will because if I didn’t I’d be channeling all day and always in a state of spirit unable to offer what I need to for the human experience.
Through my life of service I have always used my heart and education to help provide services for other people; more specifically vulnerable children and repressed families. It was hard work always providing myself and energy to everyone else but I think it’s because I didn’t know the amazing gifts I had underneath all of the formalities; now I am able to offer gifts of a more personal nature, a healing nature and one that the soul in front me is inviting. What a WILD ride.
I have offered mini healing sessions for a couple of people in the last week and have found the method of healing and support is different for everyone. The experience is guided by intuition, energy, wisdom, openness and of course the souls Guardianship- their spiritual circle of supports. Some have had a reiki session with messages coming through I had to write down on paper combined with some crystal healing, some have had yoga, tea, messages from the other side with some cards. Some have spirits that have passed from human form to want to connect some have spirit guides and ascended masters. What I have learned is everyone’s experience is different so creating a 1 size fits all template for my offerings isn’t something I am guided to do…
My yearning for anything other than books, smells, cozy blankets, the sound of the ocean, sparks of fire flames, palo santo and the earth has dissipated. It’s become this invigorating life of loneliness where I am not lonely anymore. My children affirm everyday… well the littles do.
  1. I am light
  2. I am bright
  3. I am strong
  4. I am beautiful
  5. I am kind.
I have seen a naturopath, a theta healer, a registered therapist and my own spiritual mentor and wow the messages are the same from all; what I am healing is offering so much more than my internal healing. It’s opening my channels so I can support others. My root chakra- wow the work we have done in the past two weeks. The processing of early childhood trauma.. still in the works but it’s moving along. Dancing to release the chi- amazing. Let’s dance. I have introduced an elixor of homeopathic medicine to help with the process, prescribed by this beautiful doctor, I have increased my water, magnesium and omega 3, decreased my sugars, dropped meat from the diet and started to do a bit more kundalini and chanting in my day; it’s invigorating.
It’s now 3:24 am and I know I need to rest I had to release these words so my mind can settle… two little souls are laying snoring and breathing next to me, my husband had relocated to the couch because they kick him out of bed lol and here I am thinking about life as I now know it while holding selenite for guidance.
I am so excited to be able to offer healing sessions in the near future… in person and over zoom. I am excited for the entire experience as a whole; for the sisterhood I have met, for the souls who are now intertwined with mine. I am humbled for my blessings and for the first time in my life on this earth plain I am not scared, ashamed or feeling guilty; for the first time I am alive and completely in love with my being… so thank you God, thank you angels, thank you universe.. and most of all Thank you little Nora, I love the one who is true to herself.

Channel 111 – A Whole New World

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It was after my cousin passed away that I would often find myself “hearing him” while I was cooking in the kitchen. I was about 25 years old (lets go back to 2013-2014) when I really started communicating with spirit. I thought I was going crazy or I would be saying what I “THOUGHT” he would be saying back to me if he were still alive.. make sense? I didn’t read too much into it until I went to see a beautiful woman to read my tea leaves. As I walked up the starts into the smells of patchouli and sweetgrass that she said “you are so psychic and there is a young man here who wants to chat”. I knew it was him…and well he knew I knew. She told me he had a strong accent (Newfie obviously) and had a rum & coke in his hand. He was laughing about Nan and all of the troubles we put her through, especially the last time we were together. Him, Tammy and I went out to a bar in St. John’s and they snuck me in as I was only 18 years old. I was dancing on the speaker like the wild child gypsy I was, no shoes on, hair swinging and he pulled me off and said “we are going home”. She talked to me like he was sitting next to me and that’s when I knew I was really connecting with him the whole time.
To this day I connect with him, it’s not something I shared with my family much as I knew how much pain his young life lost had caused our entire family and how much grief; but the resonance in knowing I could still be in connection with him allowed my grief to linger a bit lighter.
Lester and my Nan were really the only two people I channeled until four weeks ago (other then in dreams). Again this whole yoga trip I have embarked on was a message from my guides. I loved yoga for fitness but the Akashic Records opened and they chanted yoga..so here I am. The day I started to do yoga is the day the rest of my channeling gifts opened. I already meditated, worked with the angels, sound healing, crystals, essential oils, incense and journaling…so yoga was the missing piece to my gifts.
As I sat in meditation shortly after I started my daily yoga practice and I channeled my first past life Celeste. She was so clear to me. Her long blond hair, fair skin, blue-green eyes. Celeste was very similar to who I am today, probably the life I most resonate with in present. She was alive in the late 1600’s- a healer, a medicine woman, a magic worker…and in those days best known as “a witch”. She hung herself when they were burning and hanging witches- she didn’t want the young children she worked with to see her persecuted for the amazing things she was teaching them, hence not wanting them to fear their own magic. She took one for the team… as I would for my children today. It’s interesting enough because as a young girl, living in Nova Scotia I often envisioned myself hanging… it wasn’t that I wanted to die…. it was “a feeling”, I could never explain it nor talk about it because if I did as anyone back then, we’d end up in therapy or diagnosed as bi-polar or some other crazy non existent “diseases” that “man” made up. I have also connected with the many other lives my spirit inhabited …all women…who all died at the hands of man and power.
Over the years it’s been a constant vision and as scary as that was…only now, do I know.. that I am breaking the chain; this will never happen to me in my physical body. Celeste was an angel, she is an angel, she was wild and free and loving and caring. She loved to dance by the fire as it crackled at dusk and was up in the morning making medicines for the villagers… these women..these sisters that worked int he same Christ Consciousness as Jesus… they died like he did and they resurrected like he did… in many of today’s bodies. Look around…do you see the sisterhood coming alive? rising like the phoenix?
After I channeled this past life I had another encounter that I won’t go into explicitly because it was a spirit from someone else. They had a child who passed many many years ago and as this person spoke of this child a vision of a soccer ball came to me, I didn’t understand why. But it was about soccer, they wanted me to tell their mom they will be there.. again I couldn’t put a finger on it and thought I was having a crazy moment when all of a sudden this beautiful mama started talking about her sons and soccer games and soccer tryouts and it was kind of like “see I told you to tell her, I will be there watching tonight, I am always with her”.. and then he told me about a little teddy bear that she has at home, she hugs it sometimes and he loves that, he told me when she hugs it he hugs her right back; again .. that was one of my first clear channeling experiences so I was too scared to bring it up and now I have learned that when I don’t close my container or vessel that this will happen all the time and unless the person is asking for this connection sometimes it won’t be appropriate for me to share, but just to witness. I look at this like the ethics of channeling lol… you have to know when and where, you have to check ID’s of spirit (thank you Krista.. my spiritual mentor and coach..she said always ask for ID).
When I was in an environment again where my channels were open because I just did a yoga practice and the energy centres were wide and clear a little old lady came to me. She wasn’t Canadian and she loved eccentric hats. She was short and had an accent; there were 10 women in the room and she kept telling me to tell someone to stop thinking “about that boy he’s not worth her time” I could only laugh because she was so adorable ..but again I couldn’t share because it wasn’t warranted nor invited and heck I still wasn’t sure what was happening.
Fast forward a couple of weeks and a personal an every endearing spirit came to me during my first tea ceremony. Someone who I have so much love and respect for. Someone that was stolen from me my entire life due to family secrets and gossip, someone who deserved to know me and love me. Someone whose entire family missed out on knowing me.. and all I can say.. is I am so so grateful to connect with him and the rest of my family because I know this is where a lot of my powers come from, his mother and his mother’s mother from England….
All in all I can sit with someone now and have learned to open my container and welcome the guardianship, Angels, benevolent beings, my galactic family, ancestors and spirit guides I welcome God and Mother and Father Archetype and then I allow the messages to receive.
I sat with a sister friend one day and our grandparents came to connect over tea- it was surreal and beautiful and full of comfort.
I sat with another sister friend one day and a baby that had passed before she was born arrived. She was older now, of a mixed race and beautiful and strong. She wanted my friend to know it was her spirits choice to leave at that time and she is still with her every single day. A grandfather came through with such a strong smell of tobacco and a vibe of Catholicism to share with her, he loves her and wants her to be strong…like her Dad.
A past grandparent to my ex-husband came through- and I feel them clear as day talking about Gold and Musical Instruments, call me crazy but I bet he will find a piece of gold hidden one day… his grandfather unknowingly to me worked in a Gold mine…
…now onto the not so fun side of channeling…with the light…must come dark.
… I went to a theta/reiki healing session here in town with this BEAUTIFUL English Healer…because I felt a denseness in my root chakra. I felt pain on my left side and I just felt like I was failing in motherhood for a moment.. why? No idea..but I needed a clearing. During this session I felt like I was being buried alive, I couldn’t breathe. Visions of a young girl in a residential home came flooding into me, I felt my spirit rise half way out of my body twice during this session… and all I knew is …I couldn’t breathe. A one eyed brown owl came to her…and has since come to me in my cards.. he placed a red garnet in my root chakra.. and here is where I need the most work. In this 60 minutes, my eyes open to a child hood experience I would never wish upon anyone but one I knew happened for about 5 years now because I “felt” it. Since then, the time, place, person and everything came flooding back. The shock of the experience jilted my body and the healer said, ever since you were small your body has been “shocked” over and over and over again- hello nervous system issues. Our childhood experiences, our past life experiences….ALL of our experiences shape the way our bodies, energies, environments, frequencies etc work today…and only when we put in the work of clearing all of the old dense frequencies can we make room for the new. She told me to get oil of rosemary for protection, but I didn’t resonate with that..however off I went and ordered some (and am still awaiting it’s arrival)
After this experience where it was oh so clear to me that there was a dark frequency attached to me or trying to feed off of my light.. I woke up around 2 am and couldn’t breathe…literally I was being smothered. It was like someone was sucking the air out of me, silencing me. My husband woke up, smacking me on my back and I couldn’t do anything. My body, shocked again, released and I thought I was going to die.. then a big swoosh like gasp of air was able to enter my airways and there it was … I could breathe.
I cannot fathom how important it is to open and close channels and vessels when you are working in energy spaces and the quantum fields. The importance of protection and prayer. I have heard many a times, as more and more humans awaken to the fact that we are very powerful beings of energy that the dark will attack.. they do not want us to “wake up”. They do not want the millions of light workers that have been held deep and dark in a 3D energy field to recognize their powers. I am forever a student and forever a frequency.
I am blessed to have these gifts that I feel everyone has. In these times of pure question about what is happening in the “real world” here I am living in my own world with others from other worlds..call me crazy I call it beautiful…..
I love you…