Believe me, I get it.

When I first began my spiritual journey in 2012, I didn’t know what to expect or even where or what the journey was really about. Growing up, I knew I was “different”, some may say “gifted”, now I will say what I was always scared to say…psychic. I could connect with loved ones that had passed, I had an infinite interest in “death” because I knew it to only be an “after life” in what I now refer to as the unified field or “Heaven”. I scoured cemeteries reading the tombstones to really connect with the souls that were “laid to rest” beneath my feet with Mother Earth. For many years, my gifts were sedentary. This was due to karmic loops, unhealed traumas, fragmentations and choices that continued t0 bury the ancient medicine that lived in my bones.  I eventually connected with other powerful women full of medicine and have found myself in this beautiful community of gifted and powerful energetic beings here on earth. At one time,  I thought I had too much “life baggage” and that this life wasn’t for me, what an OUTDATED SYSTEM inside of me.

It was my commitment to my yoga practice over the next 7 years that levelled up my soul to be able to work int he unified field. Through my completion of a Yoga Teacher Certification program and a special partnership with my own spiritual guide and mentor from Chalice Grove, in 2020 it all came full circle. It brought me inward and I was able to go back and heal the core wounds that kept me living in inorganic templates and never ending healing loops. My psychic abilities soared in a prolific manner; my ability to journey with physical bodies and etheric bodies in the Quantum Field to essentially “work with magic”, to support the dropping out of density in the light and physical body through light language, sound, feeling and intuitive imagination, we can now co-create the now, the Golden Age. We are leaders, gatekeepers, groundworker’s and souls of ancient medicine that have finally remembered.

Today I am ready to share my medicine.

Please note that for all Cosmic Healing and Business Entrepreneurship Mentoring Sessions, you will be requested to fill out a questionnaire. There are limited time slots for these sessions and where these are intimate sessions I accept them based on resonance of the soul. Once you complete the questionnaire, I will contact you for a FREE consultation. We will discuss your mission and talk about what the program would look like based on your desires. We will decide together if it’s a journey our souls want to embark on together.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me through this site with any questions you might have or please feel free to find me on Instagram @iamnoranivens