Believe me, I get it.

When I first began my spiritual journey in 2012, I thought I was going crazy. I could feel, hear and sense things that were there but not physically…there. I reached out to powerful women in the spiritual community for guidance and they shared their abilities and wisdom with me. I thought I had too much “life baggage” to develop into a “woman of wisdom.” There was no way I was a light warrior on my way to being a healer and a guide in the ascension. Sometimes it is hard to believe how much my paradigms kept me in a state of unacceptance. They were able to help me work through my traumas and blockages so that I would be able to accept myself compeltely as I am while embracing my inner powers. Through years of acquired learnings put into practice, I started to become attuned to my abilities to connect with “the other side”.

It was my commitment to my yoga practice over the next 7 years that helped me break down the final walls.  Through my completion of a Yoga Teacher Certification program and a special partnership with my own spiritual guide and mentor from Chalice Grove, in 2020 it all came full circle. It brought me inward and I was able to forgive my past. I was able to break free and step into the light. Shadow work is an ongoing process that is insightful and powerful. Our ability to draw upon our own powers within to heal ourselves is immeasurable.

I am also pleased to offer an affordable members pricing that grants you access to certain benefits of my website including be able to connect with other community members, ask questions which I will answer weekly, read my personal blogs, access to articles, podcasts and learnings I enjoy as well as unlimited access to pre-recorded yoga and meditation videos recorded in my studio located in Calgary, AB.

Please note that for all Cosmic Healing and Business Entrepreneurship Mentoring Sessions, you will be requested to fill out a questionnaire. There are limited time slots for these sessions and where these are intimate sessions I accept them based on resonance of the soul. Once you complete the questionnaire, I will contact you for a FREE consultation. We will discuss your mission and talk about what the program would look like based on your desires. We will decide together if it’s a journey our souls want to embark on together.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me through this site with any questions you might have or please feel free to find me on Instagram @elanora.madelynne